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BCW Movatory

We’re delighted to launch our new values-based approach to help businesses, brands and communicators navigate uncertainty and change. In a fast-moving world, values are a persistent truth – more constant than attitudes and opinions, knowledge, or emotion. They are foundational, shaping how we engage with the world and how we respond to the people who communicate with us.

We have mapped the global population through the values that move them. Our global study yielded 30+ million data points from 36,000 respondents from which we’ve identified seven Values Archetypes that cut across geography, income and generations to allow for more nuanced audience targeting. We have also launched a proprietary analytics tool, BCW V.I. which allows us to unlock communications opportunities in near real-time.

We’d be delighted to meet with you for a more in-depth briefing tailored to your own business challenge or opportunity.

To learn more, download the BCW Age of Values report from www.bcwmovatory.com.

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